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Best Term Papers seems to be one of those veterans in the paper writing service business. Considering that it has been on the market for 19 years, we have reviews galore from customers who have tested their services, and we can calculate an average to see their worth. We used the same criteria that we have for our other reviews as well: content and testimonials from their website, customer Best Term Paper reviews from other websites on the web, and our own experience with the writers and the customer support. This is what we gathered for our review.


What They Offer
BestTermPaper claims to offer writing services for all English-speaking students in the world, with the mention that all the writers are professionals from the U.S. They offer a full list of products, going from the basic high school essay to a professional doctoral dissertation. Students can place orders for research papers, presentations, lab reports, case studies, coursework, test-takings and much more. We also found the BestTermPaper.com offers scholarship and admission essays, as well as proofreading and editing services. While we could not offer a review on each product, we could, however, paint a bigger picture based on what we have gathered.


The Quality of the Product
We mentioned that all the writers are “certified” professionals from the U.S. However, we could not find any proof regarding those certifications, so we are only left to wonder. We do not have much information concerning the writers altogether, other than the fact that they apparently all possess MA and Ph.D. degrees. We can only trust them on that.

There were samples available on the website, but there’s a glitch – we found the same samples on other websites as well. We do not know if they are owned by the same company. Even so, when we tried to access them, we received the same error message that we got when we tried to see them on the “parent” websites. Testimonials were also copied from other websites, and the feedback from customers showed disappointment with the writing quality and used resources. We experienced the same issues with our paper; it was fully inadequate for the college level. Everything in there was elementary and full of errors.


Structure of the Prices
Prices on BestTermPaper seem to go from average to high. A high school essay with a deadline of 10 days will charge from $17.95 per page while a piece of a doctoral paper with a 3-hour deadline will start at $47.95 per page. We found that they offer newcomer discounts of 20%, but also for returning customers based on the number of pages (5-15%). You can also get a promo code or coupon codes if you talk to the customer support to negotiate a price.

BestTermPaper.com definitely is not fraud or scam. However, we were fairly disappointed about the poor writing quality and their pricing structure. As a result, we can only offer Best Term Paper the rating of “Fair.” We don’t think we’d return for another order.

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